St. Louis City Museum

The City Museum is truly a one-of-kind attraction and to someone who’s never been there, it’s difficult to describe this wacky place.  The Museum is a 600,000 square foot building crammed full of interesting things to do and see – indoor playgrounds, tree houses, and caves, even a Ferris wheel on the roof.  But it’s also the look of the place, the architecture that makes it truly amazing.  Designed by an internationally acclaimed artist and sculptor, the whole place is a work of art from all the objects, mosaics, tiles, and salvaged materials that make up the City Museum.

Kids (and teens and even adults!) will be amazed at the never-ending things to play on, climb through and jump in!  Inside the Museum is a cave system, multi-level enchanted forest, underground tunnels, treehouse, ball pits and more.  Outside, a huge jungle gym was created from a castle turret, two aircraft fuselages, a fire engine, human-sized slinkies and more!

There is also a Hall of Mirrors, World Aquarium, a working Shoelace Factory, and an interactive Circus.  You can find a mini-museum of Architecture, Natural History and more, as well as an actual 19th-century cabin, lived in by the son of Daniel Boone that was relocated to the inside of the Museum. There is also a Toddler Town for younger kids to play in, with smaller tunnels, balls pits, and slides. Everyone will enjoy getting in touch with their artistic side in Art City – you can paint, tie-dye, sculpt and much much more, as well as watching professional artists paint, sculpt, and blow glass.

The newest addition to the City Museum is the new rooftop attractions, including a four-story Ferris wheel, slides, Splash Pond, rope swing, plus many more exciting things to do.

I could go on and on about all of the unique things inside the Museum, but the best thing to do it go and see it for yourself.  Their City Museum website also has a complete listing of all the activities and lots of cool pictures to give you a better idea of what you can do while you are there!

Make sure to check the calendar for dates and times, as not all attractions are always open.  The roof is closed during winter (will open up again in March) and the Circus performances are Wednesday through Sunday, and only at specific times during the day.  Admission is $12 (plus $5 for rooftop activities).  The price is definitely worth what you get; this is an all-day event that will wow people of all ages!  Not to be missed when visiting St. Louis!

World Aquarium

Since its inception in 1971, the mission of World Aquarium is to increase the knowledge of aquatic life and environments, to enable people to conserve the world of water, and to provide leadership for the preservation and sustainable use of aquatic resources.

Located in the City Museum in downtown St. Louis, this aquarium has adopted the animals from the Children’s aquarium including the small sharks, piranhas, catfish, crabs, alligators and turtles. The staff offers an incredible hands- on learning experience.

With the addition of the 13,500- square- foot World Aquarium in June 2004, creature lovers of all ages have yet another incentive to call on downtown’s most intriguing retreat. See what it’s like to pet a shark, stingray and sea turtle, but if you just can’t muster up the strength to conquer your fears of underwater beings, there’s also less intimidating animals like Guinea pigs and such hanging around near the corals and tide pools at Sand Castle Beach.

Hours : Mon- Tue : Closed
Wed- Thu & Sun 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Fri- Sat. 9:00 AM- 11:00 PM
School groups only on Mon.- Tue.

About the Museum

The brainchild of internationally acclaimed artist Bob Cassilly, a classically trained sculptor and serial entrepreneur, the museum opened for visitors in 1997 to the riotous approval of young and old alike.
Located in a former shoe manufacturing building this is an ideal place for fun-filled activities. With three floors of interesting, educational and fun-filled rooms, it is one of the best downtown attractions. The museum is run by a group of artists and professionals with impressive credits, who together produce an awesome array of exhibits.

Housed in the 600,000 square- foot former International Shoe Company, the museum is an eclectic mixture of children’s playground, funhouse, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel made out of unique, found objects. With the addition of residential space to the CITY MUSEUM, that vision of a mini-city, or a place where activity happens at all hours, has now become a reality.
In keeping with the museum’s off-center aesthetic, the area where the apartments reside is decorated with parts reclaimed from other venerable Saint Louis buildings.

Hours : Sunday | 11am – 5pm, Monday | Closed Except, Tuesday | Closed, Wednesday – Thursday | 9am – 5pm, Friday | 9am – 1am, Saturday | 10am – 1am.

Contact Information

701 North 15th Street Box 29
63103 St. Louis, MO

[email protected]

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