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It seems like winter will never end, with even more snow and rain hitting the Midwest the last couple of days.  I am starting to get cabin fever, and have been looking for something to do that reminds me of what warm weather feels like.  And I think I’ve found it – the St Louis Science Center IMAX is currently showing “Under the Sea” and “Ultimate Wave Tahiti” is starting in two weeks. Both are in IMAX 3D and will make you feel as if you are really there!  “Under the Sea” will transport you to exotic undersea locations and give you a close-up of some amazing sea creatures.  And, it’s narrated by Jim Carrey, which is sure to make it fun! “Ultimate Wave Tahiti” features pro-surfer Kelly Slater looking for the best waves and exploring the history of Tahiti and the marine life around the island. Watching either of these movies is sure to make you feel like you’re in the tropics, at least for a little while! Click here for Omnimax showtimes and pricing information.

St. Louis Science Center
St. Louis Science Center

And, while you’re at the Science Center, there are a ton of other amazing exhibits to check out. The largest Dinosaur exhibition ever hosted in St. Louis is currently at the Science Center and includes life-like sculptures, actual fossils, animatronic dinosaur models, life-size skeletons, and more.  But, this exhibit only runs through March 12, 2010, so if you’re interested, you will need to get there in the next couple of weeks.

But, even if you miss the Dinosaurs Unearthed Tour, there is always a life-sized, animated T. Rex and Triceratops on display. And, there are so many other interactive displays that kids and adults will love.  For example, your kids can explore hands-on science experiments in the Discovery Room or check out the two-story Planetarium and see what it’s like to work in a space station or gaze at over 9,000 stars.  Or you can build your own webpage in Cyberville, discover the wonders of flight, build a foam replica of the Arch, and so much more.  Check out the St. Louis Science Center webpage for more info on pricing, hours, and directions.

Science Center amenities

The St. Louis Science Center aims to teach tourists and St. Louis visitors alike about the wonders of science, at no charge for general admission. Some Science Center amenities that you can enjoy here are Body Worlds 3 (where you can get to learn more about the human body and its functions); the OMNIMAX Theatre; overnight stays by camping at the St. Louis Science Center for children and their adult companions; and The Space Show Planetarium services. If these Science Center amenities don’t appeal to you, well, fortunately, the St. Louis Science Center has other Science Center amenities that might appeal to you such as the interactive exhibits of The Discovery Room. The St. Louis Science Center is supported by many private and public organizations.

Science Center partners

The St. Louis Science Center has many Science Center partners supporting its efforts to propagate love for learning science and technology nowadays. For instance, members of the St. Louis public can act as Corporate Partners by donating at least $1000 per year to the St. Louis Science Center (or more if they are so inclined.) You can also join the Albert Einstein Society with a donation of $1000 and participate in the St. Louis Science Center activities. The Newton Society and the Galileo Society are other Science Center partners which you can donate to, and support St. Louis Science Center activities in the process. A Newton Society donation ranges from $500 to $999 while a Galileo Society donation is in the $250 to $499 range.

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